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I’ll never be the kind of person who Instagrams pictures of my food though, I hate that… I’m embarrassed how easy it was, but it was just right. My dad Goronwy, a meat-and-two-veg man like myself, did all the cooking in our house so I was brought up with a simple palate.

I’ll have a protein-heavy sandwich or salad for lunch then chicken or white fish with veg for dinner.

I now have Ready Brek as I find it easier to digest.

I’m also obsessed with coffee – I can’t start my day without one!

She is due to start the UK leg of her Daydream tour in Oxford next week.

The couple had been described as "perfect for each other" after meeting on an episode of Strictly Come Dancing in 2007.

Three minutes earlier Jones, a children's television presenter, had tweeted: "Hi everybody.

I also had salmon eggs and blowfish, which is a Japanese delicacy, but if you eat the wrong part of the blowfish, you’ll die.

Gethin Jones has been gracing our small screen's for more than a decade after first presenting for the beloved children's television programme, Blue Peter in 2005.

Since then the Welsh-born star, who is dating 29-year-old German model Katja Zwara, has shown the world that presenting isn't his only talent.

I took some of my friends to London’s new hotel, The Ned, for the most random Sunday lunch. It’s a traditional broth made with leftover veg and meat. Whitebait to start, roast chicken with a Yorkshire pudding, and a massive apple crumble. A place in Cardiff, known as ‘Chip Alley’, that you only go to after a few drinks at the rugby.

It has nine restaurants and, on my plate, I had a mixture of lobster, Sunday roast, granola and doughnut.

Jones, of Cardiff, was a contestant on the show while Jenkins, of Neath, was performing as a guest singer.