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11-Apr-2018 11:22

So, i started to use Internet chat-rooms that catered for people with such tastes.There, out of the blue, i again came into contact with my Lord.They all wanted a piece of me and i was happy to oblige.When They had all fucked me, i showered while one of them prepared some food downstairs.

He replied that He wanted me to suck Him, right there in front of the others, but He wanted me nude while i did it.After dinner W/we sat around listening to music and having more drinks.i was lying with my head in Mikes lap and i realised He was hard again.i was then led outside at the back of the house where i was made to watch as my belongings were burnt on a bonfire.

All that remained was a small bag containing toiletries and cosmetics, which i was told, would only be available to me on special occasions.s household staff watched.Only the following morning was i allowed to shower.