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Vince has earned himself a nasty little cocaine habit that is encroaching on every aspect of his life: his career, his sanity and his love life.Ari’s love life is on the rocks, too, as it appears he finally pushed Mrs. Ari puts forth his best efforts to throw her a lavish birthday party, but Mrs. Vince finally hits rock bottom at Eminem’s exclusive party, forcing his friends to send him to rehab.Vince really tops off their days when he hands them the keys to his whip.Oh, and of course, “Aquaman” beats “Spider-Man.”Sloan’s friend Tori comes in for a visit and the only person benefiting from this visit is E.Nothing beats a good Ari Gold speech, and this episode is no exception.Ari announces to Terrence Mc Quewick’s entire office he will be opening his own agency with two goals in mind: to make everyone on the ground floor rich and to burn the motherf*cking place to the ground. Vince’s mom hates to travel and, as a result, has never been to one of his Hollywood premieres before.He marches himself into his old company that he just resigned from with a paintball gun and literally starts firing people.

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It is set to begin filming in January 2014, and the core group is all on board - Vince, E, Drama, Turtle, Ari and Lloyd.

Everyone remembers the night when E f*cked the perfect ten model.